How to find a job in Further Education (FE) & universities in the Middle East

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There are many FE and third-level educational institutions in the Middle East and many employ Western-trained teachers and lecturers. Here are a list of such institutions:

Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the biggest higher educational institution in the UAE, with more than 20,000 students attending 17 male and female colleges in the cities of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Fujairah and the western cities of Madinat Zayed and Ruwais. The colleges provide a wide range of academic programmes reflective of the UAE’s workforce needs. The list of HCTs are:

  • Abu Dhabi Men’s College
  • Abu Dhabi Women’s College
  • Al Ain Men’s College
  • Al Ain Women’s College
  • Dubai Men’s College
  • Dubai Women’s College
  • Fujairah Men’s College
  • Fujairah Women’s College
  • Khalifa City Women’s College
  • Madinat Zayed Colleges
  • Ras Al Khaimah Men’s College
  • Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College
  • Ruwais Colleges
  • Sharjah Men’s College
  • Sharjah Women’s College

Click here for teaching vacancies at the HCT:

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET)

ACTVET is the organisation overseeing the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT) and the Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI). Click here for vacancies.

- Institute of Applied Technology (IAT)

The IAT offers Career-based Technical Education (CTE) in English at secondary and further education levels, including aviation, logistics and nursing. The institute’s seven campuses are located in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Fujairah.

-  Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI)

ADVETI is made up of 7 institutions: Al Jazirah Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi, Al Jaheli Institute of Science and Technology in Al Ain, Baynounah Institute of Science and Technology in Western Region, Al Reef Institute of Logistics and Applied Technology in Al Shahama, Sharjah Institute of Science & Technology in Sharjah, Secondary Technical School (STS) and Vocational Education Development Center (VEDC).

FE and university teaching job websites

Public and private universities in the UAE

I also know many universities here advertise positions directly on their website, so by using the Wikipedia list of universities in the UAE and Qatar, you can check each one's careers page:

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