Finally, a step-by-step proven money & career framework for earning more and saving six figures as an expat teacher... Without having to feel stressed, frustrated, deprived or stuck in your current situation

Why there has never been a better time than now for you to save six figures

  • House prices now 7-8 times the average income in Ireland and the UK
  • Rent have increased by 15% in the last 3 years
  • State pension age may rise to 74 years old
  • Women are 85% more likely than men to be impoverished at the age of 65+
  • Millennials - “on course to become the first generation to earn less than the one before”
  • The unpredictability of expat teacher life

Who is The Six Figure Expat Accelerator for?

- You are a fully qualified, determined, hardworking teacher who wants to move abroad & come home with 6 figures in your savings

- You are an experienced expat teacher who wants to move home in the next 2-4 years & wants to have a huge deposit for a home, savings in the bank, a profitable investment portfolio, etc.

- You want to achieve all of this in 3 months

... Then The Six Figure Expat Accelerator is for you. Here is your special invite!

Meet my amazing clients who were just like you, before we worked together...

Sorcha Coyle
H -  The UAE

“As a result of working with me, H secured 7 interviews for outstanding international schools in the UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia and Qatar and she secured job offers for Tier 1 schools in Qatar and the UAE. She now earns $80,000+ tax-free each year, which has allowed her to pay off her six figure mortgage in less than 2 years.”


Sorcha Coyle
A teaching couple - Qatar

“Working with Sorcha provided a direct path from being brand new international teachers (with ZERO international experience) to being hired by one of the best-paying IB schools in Qatar. We are getting excellent IB experience & PD, as well as earning upwards of $120,000 USD per year (tax-free). Considering what Sorcha charged for her services, that means we have enjoyed a HUGE return on investment annually! Sorcha is prompt, energetic, and is an absolute expert.”


Sorcha Coyle
B - The UAE

“I cannot recommend the 1-to-1 package enough. I just signed the contract for my new job starting in August! The support I received from Sorcha was unbelievable and her advice on negotiating packages meant I got a 29% percent increase in my housing allowance, so my full package is now $72,000/ year tax-free. I have recommended a number of people to her and every single one of them have secured new jobs. Sorcha is brilliant at what she does and supports you the whole way through from CV writing, to interview techniques, to negotiating packages. I cannot recommend her enough!”


Sorcha Coyle
BS, age 26, PE teacher  - Kuwait

“As a first-time expat teacher, I had been frustrated by the application process and I was unsure of how to improve my CV towards international schools. When I started working with Sorcha, I was offered four interviews at international schools in Kuwait, Vietnam, Panama, and Chicago and I accepted the job in Kuwait. As a teacher with 2 years of teaching experience, my annual salary is $52,000 tax- free and my package also includes a 2-bed room apartment with bills included. Thanks for all the help in securing my first international teaching post. It wouldn’t have been possible without your expertise.”


Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 08.05.53

Access to the International School Database 

(Value: $197)

In these sessions, I take all the guesswork out of it for you, so that your precious time and energy can be spent in exactly the right places, from someone who has built up her contacts, database and experience over many years.
(Believe you me, so many teachers spend more time than that looking for the right international schools, filling out dozens and dozens of online job applications and editing their CV and cover letter, only to never hear back or else getting 1 or 2 interviews at unpopular schools.)

If you can't make a session for one reason or another, there will always be replays to catch up on.

Here are more of my VIP 1-to-1 clients' successes...

Sorcha Coyle
T, a British expat teacher - Vietnam

“As I was doing The Six Figure Expat Teacher, I knew I wanted to go for an internal promotion to further my career and earn more; however I was super nervous about applying. If I got an interview, how would I cope with the pressure, answers to the questions, etc.? After our mock interview session, I had a more positive mindset and I felt confident in my answers. I also knew what to do if an unexpected question came up. The interview went well and they told me my interview was strong, as I was calm, professional and answered the questions excellently. I ended up getting the co-ordinator role, beating 3 other candidates! I feel like getting this promotion will benefit both my teaching career and my confidence. I know I can do it and I’m so glad that someone has trusted me with the position! Another factor is money. I knew I wanted to earn more money and this job was one way. I can’t wait to add this extra money (a 14% increase each month on my previous salary) to my savings plan and get saving for the future! Another benefit of The Six Figure Expat Teacher programme is now I am a lot more mindful of my spending because saving is now in the front of my mind. My family and friends have even commented on it.”


Sorcha Coyle
British teacher - the UAE

“I’ve been offered the role as Head of Department, beating 4 other candidates! I just can’t thank you enough though for the support and advice and encouragement! Before we worked together, I definitely don’t think I would have had the confidence to go for it. The senior leadership team were really happy with the first interview that I did with them. Despite the fact that they initially wanted a candidate with prior Head of Department experience, the Head of School was very impressed with the answers I gave at the second interview. They have offered me the job with the intention of developing me for the role, beating 4 other teachers, including external candidates. Now I can gain some solid leadership experience and apply for other HOD jobs in the future. This promotion is also something that's going to increase my salary and then my savings. Another great result of The Six Figure Expat Teacher programme is that I have also doubled my credit card repayments to clear my debt quicker. ​​Best of all, I now know exactly what I need to save for with a clear number to save each month and I know how long I will have to stay abroad in order to do that.”

the UAE

Sorcha Coyle
G, age 31, Primary Teacher - Vietnam

“Before working with Sorcha, I felt deflated because I had applied for so many roles and had heard nothing back. Immediately after receiving Sorcha's feedback and my adapted CV and cover letter, I applied to 4 top British international schools and was offered interviews at all of them, so it was a 100% success rate. I accepted my first expat teaching role at an international school in Vietnam, where I earn $52,500 gross per year ($42,000 after tax), plus a fully furnished apartment, transport to school, full medical insurance, free access to a health and wellbeing suite and yearly flights. Considering the low cost of living in Vietnam, this gives lots of opportunities for saving.”


If I helped you secure interviews at international schools like my VIP 1-to-1 & The Six Figure Expat Teacher clients above and achieved similar results, what would that mean for you?

  • The confidence to identify and apply for jobs at top international schools?
  • An opportunity to land interviews at top paying schools that allow you to earn and save six figures in a 2-year contract?
  • Having enough money so you can finally feel financially ready to move back home?
  • Knowing what you're worth and how to negotiate your salary and package, if needed?
  • The ability to get a huge deposit together to buy your first home? 
  • Feeling so prepared, calm, professional and confident in your interview that the interviewers tell you it was the best interview they had even seen?
  • Having a positive mindset to put yourself forward for top-paying jobs, promotions and management?
  • Being able to do everything on your travel bucket list?
  • Having enough money so you can finally leave teaching and change to a new career?
  • Being able pay off your mortgage in a few short years?
Sorcha Coyle
R, an experienced expat teacher with 18 years of teaching experience - Dubai

“Having been a teacher for some time now, I often respond to praise for an initiative with 'Oh, I just did it!' Following a session with Sorcha this evening. I am reminded that those initiatives didn't just happen. They took time, effort and passion to make them successful. I have come away from it feeling really empowered. I love that you give me confidence about my Unique Selling Points. It has given me so much to think about.”


Sorcha Coyle
H - Teacher moving from Dubai to the UK

“I had an online interview today for a job in York (as I’m relocating back from living in Dubai) and 10 minutes after the interview they rang to offer me the job! They said my application was very strong and in 20 years of teaching, it was the best interview they had even seen (thanks to your interview question package!)
Thank-you so much for all your help, support and advice as it was invaluable. I couldn’t have done the application without you! You’ve taught me so many tips and tricks when it comes to writing applications and saved me so much time and anxiety.”

Teacher moving from Dubai to the UK

Sorcha Coyle
J, Primary Teacher - Moved from China to Thailand

“Before I started working with Sorcha, I was very down and fed up. I was an experienced expat teacher and I had applied to 10 international schools, but I hadn't heard back from one single school. I thought I could do all this CV stuff myself but I had no luck. Within a week of working with Sorcha, I ended up securing interviews at 4 international schools and in the end, I accepted a job at an international school in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m really happy now and I know it was down to my CV. I changed it on Search Associates and had an interview offer within 2 hours.”

Moved from China to Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sorcha, I want to join The Six Figure Expat Accelerator but I have a unique situation and have a question or 2 to make sure it's right for me...

That absolutely makes sense -send me a message on IG here so I can answer any questions you may have about The Six Figure Expat Accelerator.

Sorcha, I don't have a list of international schools/ I don't even know the top ones I should be applying to?

No problem at all! In the Early Bonus No.1, the 1:1 x 90-MINUTE LIFE, CAREER & MONEY STRATEGY COACHING CALL with me, I will go through all that with you!

Sorcha, I'm worried about the money investment...

When you join as an Early Bird, you get instant access to another Bonus, 5-DAY BOOTCAMP: MAKE BACK YOUR INVESTMENT about how to start making back your money ASAP!

Can I get my money back if I change my mind?

Yes, there is a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't vibe with me, just email me for the money back within 7 days of the date you signed up.

Sorcha, I don't even know what a teacher brand is! Plus I'm worried I won't have the time in the evenings to build my teacher brand?

That's what the Six Figure Expat Teacher Brand VIP Half-Day is for! I will provide everything you need to build your brand in that half-day.

Sorcha, I want to save six figures as an expat teacher, but I am already in a high paying job and don't need the career coaching & mentoring. Do you have a programme that is just money coaching & mentoring?

Yes, I do! Send me a message on IG here to find out more about it!

Who is The Six Figure Expat Accelerator NOT for?

- You are not determined to come home from expat teaching with at least $100K in your backpocket

- You are not willing to meet me halfway and invest your time, energy and effort to implement what I teach to help increase your career and money success

- You do not plan to follow and implement ALL the steps of my signature blueprint, The Six Figure Expat BRAND Blueprint, to help your application stand out amongst the hundreds that many top international schools receive for their vacancies

- You have left it to the last minute to apply to your preferred international teaching job's deadline

... Then The Six Figure Expat Accelerator is NOT for you.



My name is Sorcha and I've taught in Qatar and Dubai for 10+ years. In my first stint as an expat teacher in Qatar, I saved over $100,000, which I used to buy my first property (a 4-bed home in Ireland) and do my MA at King's College London. Before I accepted my second international teaching job in Dubai, I applied for and received 12 job offers from top international schools in the Gulf, Asia, and Africa.

In October 2021, I left teaching and became a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and an Expat Career & Money Coach.

As the founder of Empowering Expat Teachers in 2017, I have helped 100s of teachers find great teaching jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

Follow me on IG @sorchacoyle_eet for daily international job hunting and CV tips and weekly mini-trainings!

Lovely to meet you!