Are you a headteacher / HR / wellbeing co-ordinator who wants to know how to reduce teacher turnover and/ or improve teacher wellbeing at your international school?

You know that retaining top teachers is key to achieving optimal student results, as well as supporting your institutional reputation. I help expat teachers and educational leaders with stress management and financial wellbeing workshops, so that they feel happy and fulfilled at work.

91% of British international school leaders find recruiting quality teachers ‘somewhat’ or ‘very challenging.’
Source: “Teacher Supply in British international schools” (COBIS July 2022)
56% of teachers currently abroad are either not sure or are NOT renewing their contracts at their current international school
Source: Teach Away Report 2023

The benefits of having a happy, fulfilled and well team at work

  • Positive Teacher Wellbeing
  • Higher Employee Engagement and Morale at Work
  • Greater Productivity and Employee Loyalty
  • Reduced Teacher Recruitment Costs
  • Better Learning Continuity for Students/ Pupils
  • Higher Student Academic Performance
  • More Successful School Inspections and Ratings
  • Decreased Teacher Absence
  • Increased Pupil Enrollment
  • Reduced Time Onboarding New Teachers
  • Improved Parent Satisfaction
  • Improved School Stability
  • Improved School Reputation in the Community

How I can support your staff wellbeing at your international school

Stress Management and Building Resilience

Effective stress management and resilience-building techniques enhance teacher wellbeing, reduce burnout, and improve productivity. 



Developing financial literacy empowers teachers to make informed financial decisions, reduce financial stress, and plan for the future.

Career / Occupational Wellbeing

Helping employees understand their career options and growth opportunities within the international school promotes long-term commitment and boosts engagement and retention.

Only 49% of expat teachers said they would recommend their international school as a place to work to their friends.
Source: TES International Wellbeing Survey 2022
67% of expat teachers said that they would like to see their international school's current wellbeing strategy improved.
Source: TES International Wellbeing Survey 2022

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54% of teachers have considered leaving the profession in the past two years as a result of pressures on their mental health and wellbeing.
Source: Teacher Wellbeing Index 2021
31% of respondents stated that they did not not get professional development opportunities at their international school while 62% of respondents would like to see better opportunities for professional development at their school.
Source: TES International Wellbeing Survey 2022


My name is Sorcha and I've taught in Qatar and Dubai for 10+ years. In October 2022, I left teaching and became a Certified Financial Education Instructor, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and a Licensed Firework Career Coach. I help expat teachers with stress management, financial wellbeing and career development by running wellbeing workshops for teachers at international schools. 

Since I founded the Empowering Expat Teachers community in 2017, it has grown to over 16,000 expat teacher members in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, other parts of the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. They have shared with me the type of wellbeing initiatives that would actually benefit their happiness, engagement and productivity at their international schools. In a recent poll I shared with my community on my social media, the top 3 areas of wellbeing that expat teachers voted for were:

  •   Managing stress and developing resilience (22%)
  •   Having a school culture of growth (20%)
  •   Financial well-being/ money coaching (13%)

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