Welcome to the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), the most effective career aptitude test available for teachers who want to change career!

Are you fed up, trapped and frustrated in your current career and are looking to make a change?

Do you want to know exactly what you are good at (in terms of natural strengths, talents, and skills), outside teaching?

Do you want to see what other career options and potential jobs are available to you, once you leave the classroom?

Do you want to find a new career that makes you excited to get up in the morning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the HAB is the perfect tool for you! 👍

Here are some of the things the HAB can help you with:

Gain awareness, clarity and certainty of your natural strengths and abilities

Create a list of 30-50 careers for you to explore, which align with your unique combination of strengths

Understand why you would enjoy some careers and why you would not enjoy others

Provide insights into how you think and learn, how you solve problems, what motivates you, and the kind of work environment where you will thrive
Identify your strengths and potential challenges as a leader in an organsiation (in the HAB Leader Report)
Complete a 2-hour debrief with a Highlands Certified Consultant to interpret your HAB results and guide you through your reports

Meet my amazing clients who were just like you, before they completed the Highlands Ability Battery with me...

Sorcha Coyle
Ceri - former teacher in Dubai- now working as a senior manager in local government in the UK

“As a British expat teacher of 4 years, I decided my time in the classroom had come to an end this academic year (2022). Teaching in the pandemic and the demands upon us made me realise I needed to form my exit plan FAST!
I didn't want to climb the ladder of going onto becoming a middle or senior leader and was curious about other non-teaching roles out there in the UK. Before taking the HAB, I wanted to know more about my natural strengths in order to enhance my CV AND to develop the areas that will benefit my career. After the 2-hour debrief, I felt amazing and it was so reassuring to know my chosen career field was one that I have natural abilities in. I love people and leading by example, so it was reassuring to know I’d make an excellent therapist as well as a CEO. Sorcha was so precise at delivering my results and it gave me even more confidence and reassurance to leave teaching and pursue my dreams. She told me what to expect, managed expectations about the percentages and even reassured me when I questioned some results.

I love the fact that the HAB was very precise and specific and gave exact steps of what I can improve on, but also gave a variety of strengths, skills and careers that I would benefit from. It’s been incredible to know that moving forward I am on the right path which is exactly tailored to my skills and areas of expertise.  
It would most definitely suit teachers, as it show where their natural strengths lie and may even surprise and reassure them of a career beyond the classroom. Teaching has so many transferable skills that are also beneficial in non-educational settings. However, what’s unique about the HAB was that it really is personalised to a person’s strengths and natural abilities. I love it then gave me exact jobs I’d be good at and the salary I can potentially earn in that role, which was significantly more than teaching and that was with my existing qualifications!”

former teacher in Dubai- now working as a senior manager in local government in the UK

Sorcha Coyle
English teacher - Singapore

““Before undertaking the HAB, I felt stuck in a rut, unable to make decisions, didn't know where to focus my attention, and felt paralysed by too many possibilities that were floating through my brain.”

After completing the HAB, she reported that clarity about her strengths was helping focus her attention on her next steps. She said:
"The 2-hour debrief felt like talking to a close friend or sister - really comfortable! I also loved doing the HAB testing as I felt it was evidence based information I could use to clarify my thinking moving forward. And I definitely felt that you sharing a common professional background meant that you could understand the issues I was facing.”

Since the HAB, she has honed in on her next career and she’s started a postgraduate course that she can complete alongside her teaching role. She’s also networked with others in the industry of her next career and has been offered a part-time job with them too- she’s definitely on her way to successfully leaving the classroom!”


Sorcha Coyle
L -  Senior Leader at an Independent School

“Before we worked together in the Highlands Ability Battery test, she felt exhausted, disillusioned, and stuck in a rut. Having completed the HAB with me, she said:

“During the HAB, I’ve taken the time to reflect on me and my goals, not just my job. The HAB tests helped me to understand what my skills are and the kind of working environment I thrive in. It helped me to understand the skills I have developed over my career, so far, and linked through to possible future careers. I’m excited about the future and can see how there are opportunities for me to utilise my experience in a different context.”

Senior Leader at an Independent School

So what is the HAB process?


Step #1: Sign up and complete the Highlands Ability Battery

Once you sign up, I will manually email your Access Code, instructions and link to complete it within 48 working hours. It is a very thorough online 3-hour careers aptitude test that accurately measures your natural strengths (aptitudes) and skills, through your performance in a variety of actual timed tasks, (not your own self-evaluation). You can break up the 19 worksamples into smaller pockets of time or do each worksample individually.

Step #2:

Review your reports and schedule your first 1-hour debrief with me, a Highlands Certified Consultant, to interpret your HAB results and guide you through your PDF colour reports:

  • Your Main Highlands Report – 21 pages
  • Your Personal Career Exploration Supplement – 35 pages. Click here for a sample report.
  • Your Personal Work Types – 6 pages
  • Your Leader Report  – 38 pages. Click here for a sample report.
  • Your Personalised Career Change Chart – a 1-2 page personal summary of the key points from your Highlands Ability Battery Results

Step #3:

1-2 weeks later, you have your second 1-hour debrief with me to follow up with your action tasks since our first session and to continue interpreting your HAB results and guiding you through your PDF colour reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Question #1 What is the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)?

A: The HAB is a human assessment tool that measures your natural abilities based on performance, not perception (self-evaluation). It consists of 19 virtual worksamples that are taken online over an estimated three hours in total. You can break up the 19 worksamples into smaller pockets of time or do each worksample individually.

Question #2 Why is the 2-hour debrief with a Highlands Certified Consultant important?

Every Highlands Certified Consultant has undergone extensive training and has expertise and insight into the implications and practical applications of your HAB results. While anyone can tell what the HAB results say, your Consultant can tell you what they mean.

"Over 90% of HAB Clients Report That the Assessment Helped Them Better Understand Their Natural Abilities and Their Potential Career Paths." (Source: Highlands Company)