Download my free ebook guide, "8 Tips When Teaching Local Students in the Middle East"

If you plan to or are currently teaching local Emirati, Qatari, Saudi, Bahraini, Kuwaiti, or Omani students in either a local/government or international school, then this FREE ebook is for you!

You will learn:
- what is acceptable and taboo in the culture

- how to adapt your teaching to best suit their English as a Second Language needs

- how to quickly establish a great relationship with your students

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My name is Sorcha Coyle and I am the founder of Empowering Expat Teachers. In my 10-year career as an expat teacher, I have taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to Qatari, Emirati and Iranian secondary school students. In 2016, I completed my MA in Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching at King’s College London, with a focus on developing the language skills of Gulf learners of English. Hope you enjoy my free ebook!